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The Unholy Trinity Tour Part One: Matt Dillahunty

The Unholy Trinity Tour Part One: Matt Dillahunty

August 5, 2014

In the spring of 2014, atheists AronRa, Seth Andrews and Matt Dillahunty teamed up for a 3-city tour bearing the tongue-in-cheek-titled name, "The Unholy Trinity." This podcast features the audio from Matt Dillahunty's Amarillo presentation, and it's part one of a 3-part podcast series from this tour. Video of Matt's speech is here: [MORE]

New Shows Coming – 6/11 [Updated]

June 3, 2008

Hey friends,This Wednesday night, 6/11 our prospective guest is Philip R. Davies, a Hebrew Bible scholar and member of the prestigious Copenhagen school, who will discuss some of the many reasons why the Hebrew Bible is fiction as opposed to history, a... [MORE]

Atheism and religion in the news VII

January 25, 2008

Here we go again, hope you are finding these links interesting.

Religious tolerance not the answer?

An op ed on teaching religion in schools.

In a nutshell, the OSCE advises that teaching about religions while taking care not to misrepresent, teach or favor any doctrine will foster a culture of mutual understanding and respect. The idea is that this will help children understand what belief systems represent real threats and which ones are innocuous. Essentially, the OSCE is hoping that its 10-point, detailed guide will enable public schools to provide religious sensitivity training that will ameliorate the range of religion-based discrimination and fighting. Haynes stated that "...ignorance about religions in religiously diverse societies is a root cause of intolerance and discrimination." It would be wonderful if the problem stemmed solely from such ignorance since it would be simple to address the problem in the manner proposed. Unfortunately, the cause is not so much pervasive insensitivity to the beliefs of others, but rather a general oversensitivity that the majority of humans harbor regarding their own religion. For that reason, the OSCE solution may actually exacerbate hostility.


Another missing link in evolution found.

Science continues its good work, hopefully one day god and jeebus will run out of gaps to hide in.

HUMANS could be closer to pond life than had been realised. Researchers have linked a raft of our anatomical and genetic features with fishy ancestors that lived hundreds of millions of years ago.

They have found that the origin of human hands and fingers could lie in the emergence of a finned fish 365m years ago. Similarly, the sophisticated joints that give us the ability to run, grip and turn may owe their existence to a sea creature known as the tiktaalik that lived in the Arctic 375m years ago.



How to help my agnostic boyfriend become christian?

A christian girl ponders the above question, feel free to weigh in and answer her. J

m asking this again in another category...because it isnt freakin showing up and its very important to Well I was talking with my guy. I asked him if he believed Creation or Evolution. You know what he said? He said Evolution. That just crushed my dreams.



A history of Al Qaeda.

One mans analysis of the “war on terror”.

The threat of an Al Qaeda “Attack on America” is being used profusely by the Bush administration and its indefectible British ally to galvanize public opinion in support of a global military agenda.

Known and documented, the “Islamic terror network” is a creation of the US intelligence apparatus. There is firm evidence that several of the terrorist “mass casualty events” which have resulted in civilian casualties were triggered by the military and/or intelligence services. Similarly, corroborated by evidence, several of the terror alerts were based on fake intelligence as revealed in the London 2006 foiled “liquid bomb attack”, where the alleged hijackers had not purchased airline tickets and several did not have passports to board the aircraft.



Rook Hawkins gives a lecture. Click on the link for details.

Join us on Tuesday, February 5, 2008 for a presentation by Rook Hawkins, historian of Classical Civilization and comparative religious studies and co-founder of the popular internet radio shows, The Rational Response Squad and Rook's Nook. Hawkins is currently undergoing the process of Peer Review for his upcoming book, Discovering the Gnostics: A Look at the Evolution of Mystery Cults in the Hellenistic and Roman Periods.



Differences between French muslims and other religions in France.

Apparently, everyone but the muslims are getting more secular.

A growing number of French Muslims say they are practising believers, according to a survey for the Catholic daily Le Croix made public on Thursday.
In the poll, 70% of respondents said that they adhered to the Islamic laws on fasting during the holy month of Ramadan. In 2001, the figure had stood at 60%.



How AL-Jazeera reported on Bushs visit.

Interesting how Bush deals with a hostile medias questions. Also, I wonder how many people realize that his comments were mostly meant for an American audience?

Link to youtube video

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