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Christian Kid Says That Criticizing Him for Bullying Gay Students is Itself a Form of Bullying

February 5, 2016

It's one of those popular but illogical "gotchas" of the conservative repertoire: You must "tolerate" intolerance or you're not truly tolerant.This is illogical because it suggests an unattainable, self-defeating view of tolerance that does not at all resemble actual tolerance (or how the real world operates). Like a society that abhors violence, but allows that violence in self-defense as a valid means of maximizing non-violence, a society that values tolerance must refuse to support intolerance if it wishes to remain tolerant. Accepting intolerance isn't a form of tolerance; it's the downfall of tolerance.Anti-abortion website LifeSiteNews has a piece, purportedly written by "a Christian kid" who prefers to remain anonymous for "fear of retaliation," devoting a good deal of time to pushing this line of thought. He says that efforts to protect gay students from intolerant Christians are themselves intolerant of people like him.shutterstock_266832950

Pastor Says Anti-Gay Discrimination Should be Legal Because a Gay Student Once Shot Her Classmate

January 29, 2016

The other day, I posted about the Florida subcommittee hearing on anti-abortion measure HB 865 and how that meeting took a racist turn when one of the supporters said that abortion needed to be banned because "white culture" was being lost to groups like Muslims and "the Mexicans" who didn't "kill the babies" like white women do.On Tuesday, another subcommittee hearing ventured into similarly dicey waters.Pastor Anthony Swain urged lawmakers to pass a "religious freedom" measure because people need protection from gay people. Why? Because people of "a homosexual nature," he said, were "forceful" -- to the point of murder -- against those of a godly disposition (which, as he told it, seemed to be defined as everyone who's not gay). So straight people had to be legally empowered to discriminate against gay people.SwainTalk
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