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Tiger-Goat Friendship is Gay Propaganda, Warns Russian Lawyer

February 9, 2016

It was one of those unusual stories out of the animal kingdom that seemed to elicit a reaction of awwww from everybody: A Siberian tiger at Russia's Primorsky Safari Park befriended a goat back in November.The goat, Timur, had been intended as food for the tiger, Amur, but won the big cat over with a show of courage when he
... took over the enclosure at a safari park near Vladivostok, forcing the tiger to sleep on the roof of his own lean-to. The media was soon full of footage of the two playing together, and Timur’s fans have even begun a campaign to elect him to parliament, arguing that he would be braver and more honest than current MPs.

Christians Protest Tennessee High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Group, Comparing It to ISIS

February 8, 2016

You would think we're done with the days when the mere existence of a Gay-Straight Alliance group at a public high school was controversial. But Tennessee still exists. So, you know...At Franklin County High School, a group of bigots plan to rally against the GSA tonight at a meeting of the school board, as if their complaints are going to get the group to move off campus.John Wimley is a Christian who organized a Facebook page against the GSA group, saying that a pro-ISIS club wasn't too far behind:WimleyIsis
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