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Christians Protest Tennessee High School’s Gay-Straight Alliance Group, Comparing It to ISIS

February 8, 2016

You would think we're done with the days when the mere existence of a Gay-Straight Alliance group at a public high school was controversial. But Tennessee still exists. So, you know...At Franklin County High School, a group of bigots plan to rally against the GSA tonight at a meeting of the school board, as if their complaints are going to get the group to move off campus.John Wimley is a Christian who organized a Facebook page against the GSA group, saying that a pro-ISIS club wasn't too far behind:WimleyIsis

Puerto Rico Police Promote Religion with Event “Proclaiming the Favorable Year of the Lord”

February 6, 2016

Last July, police officers in Puerto Rico set up a roadblock for drivers. But instead of administering sobriety tests or checking for people driving without their licenses, they preached and distributed religious propaganda. It was a completely illegal thing for the government to do and it led to a formal complaint by the Ateistas de Puerto Rico against the Police Department of Barceloneta City.Things haven't gotten any better, it seems. This week, the Puerto Rico Police held an event "Proclaiming the Favorable Year of the Lord" with Christian singer Samuel Hernández as the headliner.PuertoRicoAd
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