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Suicide Bomber Gets Sucked Out of a Plane Hole That He Created and Falls to Earth in a Blaze

February 4, 2016

If you didn't believe in karma before, like me, you probably still won't -- but this would be a great example of it.A suicide bomber boarded a Somali passenger jet Tuesday and proceeded to detonate a bomb in mid-air. The blast blew a hole in the wall of the jet that sucked the blazing terrorist out, dropping his pathetic body 20 miles north of Mogadishu. Aside from the bomber himself, all of the 74 passengers survived, with only two of them reported injured.image

Ohio Seminary Student Arrested After Trying to “Adopt” Female Infants for Sex

February 1, 2016

A Columbus, Ohio seminary student was arrested in San Diego on Friday, en route to Tijuana where he was attempting to purchase a female infant to have sex with.Joel Wright, who was discerning ordination for the priesthood at Pontifical College Josephinum until being suspended upon arrest, used Craigslist ads to seek out a child but was unknowingly interception by undercover detectives.This wasn't Wright's first attempt at illegally "adopting" a baby. An anonymous tipster told Homeland Security Investigations that he met Wright in Tijuana in 2014 and was given an adoption fee but didn't hold up his end of the bargain by delivering a baby. Wright went home empty handed, but it didn't end there.image

Ken Ham is Wrong; Newsweek’s Article About His Noah’s Ark Theme Park was Accurate

January 19, 2016

It seems that Ken Ham didn't like the Newsweek story published over the weekend about his Noah's Ark theme park, Ark Encounter, and how it's being funded. He lashed out on his website, criticizing both the magazine and the reporter who wrote the piece, Lindsay Tucker. His frustration and the magazine's coverage involves his desperate attempt to hide and distract the public from knowing the truth behind his park's finances.Ham's blog post with its dad-joke title, Newsweek or "News-Weak"?, is misguided when you consider the substance that makes a story weak or solid. That substance is what Ham publicly denounces -- it's evidence, and Tucker has it.NewsweekArkThe first half of his rant, which came two days after the Newsweek story was published, was an attempt to strip the "US media" of its credibility, comparing it to sensationalist British tabloids, and dismissing Tucker, who holds a Masters degree in publishing and magazine writing from Emerson College, as nothing more than a "commentator."
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