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Articles by Kyle Mantyla

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/5/16

February 5, 2016

Franklin Graham is predicatbly unimpressed by President Obama's visit to a mosque because "Islam cannot save anyone from Hell or open the gates of Heaven." Anti-choice activists are threatening to file ethics charges against the DA who indicted... [MORE]

Right Wing Round-Up – 2/4/16

February 4, 2016

John Fea: Ted Cruz: Dominionist. Zachary Roth @ MSNBC: Federal agency helps red states make voter registration harder. Kevin Drum: Marco Rubio Lashes Out Against Call For Religious Toleration. Zack Ford @ Think Progress: ... [MORE]

Right Wing Bonus Tracks – 2/4/16

February 4, 2016

"Coach" Dave Daubenmire warns that both Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz are ineligible to be president: "I have a feeling that five black-robed terrorists sitting across the street from the Capitol building will eventually be weighing in on the issue... [MORE]
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