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Gov. Scott Walker: Running for President is “God’s Plan for Me”

In the email announcing his candidacy for President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made it clear his campaign was part of a pact with God (emphasis his):

In the email announcing his candidacy for President, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made it clear his campaign was part of a pact with God (emphasis his):


I love God this much!


My relationship with God drives every major decision in my life. Each day I pray and then take time to read from the Bible and from a devotional named Jesus Calling.

As you can imagine, the months leading up to my announcement that I would run for President of the United States were filled with a lot of prayer and soul searching.

Here’s why: I needed to be certain that running was God’s calling — not just man’s calling. I am certain: This is God’s plan for me and I am humbled to be a candidate for President of the United States.

Now, it is up to the voters to decide who will win the election. If you support my conservative campaign, please join my team right now with $10, $35, $50, $100, or even $250 today.

As the son of a Baptist preacher, my faith comes first. It is the guiding force of my life both in politics and in private. For example, I believe in the sanctity of life. I believe in the covenant of marriage. I believe in strong families. I believe in protecting religious liberties. And I believe these things are worth fighting for — and I have.

That’s just the first half of the email.

God. God. God. Gimme money. God.

The rest of it isn’t any better.

Pro-life. Pro-life. Pro-life. Pro-life. Traditional marriage. Traditional marriage. Traditional marriage. Traditional marriage. Freedom. God. Values. God. Gimme money. God. Gimme money. God.

You know, this is the sort of stuff you’re supposed to do to win over the GOP base… and yet, given the other candidates already in the ring, it’s entirely possible that Walker will lose the Christian vote because candidates like Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson and Rick Santorum talk about Jesus more than he does.

If God’s telling all these people to run for President, it’s gotta be part of some huge practical joke, especially when you consider that Donald Trump — the candidate who’s probably talked about God the least — is crushing them in early primary polls.

But that’s the state of the Republican Party today. Go God or go home. (Unless, of course, you have a ton of money or a famous last name.)

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